Registry Winner Review

Registry Winner Review

Registry Winner Registry Cleaner Review
  • Website:
  • File size: 2.72MB
  • Scan Time: 3 minutes & 35 seconds
  • Errors Fixed: 9168
  • Price: $34.95
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First Look

Download Registry Winner NowRegistry Winner Free ScanRegistry Winner Web Site

Registry winner is one of many programs of its kind out there, and since it is fresh in the market (from 2007), we decided to look at it and see what it is got to offer us as oppose to other similar programs.

The first thing you notice in a program is its look, and Registry Winner looks very attractive, it is composed from a left menu with 7 categories, each category have some sub categories that are presented on the main window with nice looking 3D icons.

The first thing we noticed is the multi-language option on the left, the program comes with a variety of languages:

Registry Winner Main Screen
  • English
  • Chinese(Simplified)
  • Chinese(Traditional)
  • Czech
  • Korean
  • Russian
  • Portuguese(PT)
  • Japanese
  • Netherlands
  • Polish
  • Spanish
  • Turkish
  • Norwegian(Nynorsk)
  • Ukrainian
  • German
  • Dutch
  • Hungarian
  • Arabic
  • French
  • Bulgarian
  • Romanian
  • Slovak
  • Italian
  • Norwegian(Bokmål)

Its visual appearance combined with the perfect locations of all buttons make Registry Winner one of the most user friendly registry cleaner program we’ve seen.


Downloading & Installing

Download Registry Winner NowRegistry Winner Free ScanRegistry Winner Web Site

Your first encounter with a program is its download; the download of Registry Winner is very easy to access. You can simply download Registry Winner from our direct link here, or go to the homepage and download it there. It takes 10 seconds to download the file of 2.72 Mb in volume.

The installation process is done by 9 simple steps and the actual installation takes less than a second.

When you first click the downloaded EXE file, a window with the program’s details will show up, all you have to do is click “run” and the installation process will start.

First, the program will ask you to select a language to be used during the installation, after that, the wizard will notify you that the installation is about to start and it is recommended to close all other running applications (this is not necessary).

The license agreement will follow and then, a window asking you where to install the program and another one asking what name to give to the program’s start menu folder. (default name is: Registry Winner).

The installation wizard extracts the files from the installation file and at the end you get a folder of 13.4Mb in volume which is a bit above average but still up to standards. Comparing this size with other programs that have lots of special features, this is even considered as low size.

The next step will allow you to create a desktop icon and a Quick Launch icon.

The next window after that, will show you a summary of all options chosen so far, and when you’ll click next, the actual installation will start (the actual installation was so fast we didn’t have enough time to take a snap shot).

The final window tells you that the program is installed successfully, and now you can launch it.

Registry Winner Security Warning    Registry Winner Installation Language   Registry Winner Setup Wizard


Registry Winner License Agreement    Registry Winner Install Location    Registry Winner Start Menu Folder


Registry Winner Creating Icons    Registry Winner Installation Summary    Registry Winner Launch Application


The Scan

Download Registry Winner NowRegistry Winner Free ScanRegistry Winner Web Site

The default window is already set on the registry cleaner sub category, all we needed to do now is just press “scan now” and the scan started, as simple as that.

The scan goes through your registry keys and entries as well as:

Registry Winner Error Scan
  • HActiveX, OLE/COM entries
  • System software settings
  • Sounds and App events
  • MRU and history
  • Help files information
  • Shared programs
  • Startup programs
  • Application paths
  • File associations
  • System services
  • File extensions
  • Windows fonts
  • Files and folders
  • Obsolete software
  • Empty registry keys

During the scan you can see what entry is being currently scanned, how many errors were found in each entry, and the current path or key Registry Winner is scanning at the moment (in real time).

At any moment of the scan, you can abort to start over (if you want) or to fix whatever problems were found so far.

The total scan time is 3 minutes and 35 seconds, which is reasonable and up to standards.

As many programs do after the scan is done, a pre-fixing window shows up, showing you how many errors were found in total, and how many in each scan category.

Registry Winner Scan Report

Every category has a check box on the left side (if the box is checked all errors within that category will be fixed in the fixing process) and a plus (+) sign.

If you click on the “plus” sign, all the errors that were found in that category will be revealed to you with check-boxes next to them and the option to submit them into the ignore list (this option will dismiss the key from the list), or open (this option will open the registry editor and show you the exact location in the hive, this option is for advanced users only).

All we had to do now is to advance to the next phase: the fixing.


The Fix

Download Registry Winner NowRegistry Winner Free ScanRegistry Winner Web Site

Simply by clicking the “Fix & Continue” button the fix will start.

Note: if you haven’t registered the program yet, when clicking the “Fix & Continue” button, a window will appear, telling you that you need to register Registry Winner in order to fix your errors.

Registry Winner Registration Offer

The registration of this program is simple to find as all options in this program are.

You can click on the “get serial number”, this will open the registration page in Registry Winner’s website, or clicking on register on the top right of the window.

After you get the serial number via Email, you copy and paste it in the proper area, press register, and Registry Winner is now registered.

Registry Winner Registration Window
Registry Winner Registration Success

Registry Winner does an essential thing before fixing, an automatic backup, this is very important in case something goes wrong and you want to restore your previous settings.

The fixing itself is very fast, in fact, it is so fast we didn’t have enough time to take a snapshot.

The fixing progress does not have a progress bar and it is shown in a white non-graphical window with the current key being fixed.

Registry Winner Fix

After the fixing process is done, a fixing report window will appear, showing you how many errors were fixed in each category. We got all errors fixed, but when we run the scan for the second time we had 367 recurring errors, this is common for this type of programs although it doesn’t makes it right, nevertheless, our registry is much more organized now and cleaned from unnecessary keys.


Special Features & Settings

Download Registry Winner NowRegistry Winner Free ScanRegistry Winner Web Site

All these kind of programs come with other special features besides registry cleaning, it is very common and it makes your money worth your while.

This program comes with load of special features and we are here to test them.

On the left menu, there are 7 tabs with sub features in each one of them:

  1. Scan & clean
    1. registry cleaner
    2. evidence cleaner
    3. junk cleaner
    4. file shredder
    5. patch & updates
  2. Optimize PC
    1. startup manager
    2. uninstall manager
    3. system optimizer
    4. service optimizer
    5. memory optimizer
  3. Backup & Restore
    1. auto backup
    2. full backup
    3. IE favorites
  4. IE tools
    1. BHO manager
    2. Internet options
    3. IE recover
    4. IE problems
    5. IE favorites
  5. Windows
    1. computer
      1. computer manager
      2. windows update
      3. system properties
      4. control panel
      5. disk defragmenter
      6. disk cleanup
    2. security
      1. local security settings
      2. local users and groups
      3. group policy editor
      4. security center
    3. system
      1. device manager
      2. event viewer
      3. disk manager
      4. performance monitor
      5. vstartup manager
      6. add/remove manager
  6. Options
    1. general settings
    2. scheduler
    3. ignore list
    4. result reports
    5. check updates
    6. register
  7. Help
    1. Email
    2. Handbook
    3. Live chat
    4. Register
    5. Check updates

1-4. Are the features of this program, 5. Is generally a quick access to all windows configuration, 6. Is the program’s options and configuration, 7. Is the help menu when needed.


1.2 Evidence cleaner

Every time you open a document or go to a web site, Windows is saving it temporarily for future use, when you will open the specific web page or document it will load faster, but we don’t want that to happen for every document or web page, this will greatly decreases free space in the hard drive and will slow down your computer performance, so the evidence cleaner is there to erase what you don’t need, and make your computer run faster.

Registry Winner Evidence Cleaner

1.3 Junk cleaner

This is another way of cleaning things you don’t need by cataloging them into extensions.

Registry Winner scans for this type of extensions and put them in the result window, from there, you can delete what you want or all. This action makes your computer run faster as well.

Registry Winner Junk Cleaner

1.4 File shredder

The file shredder is a very useful tool to erase files and folders.

You can browse your computer for files or folders and delete them in 3 different ways:

The first way (default) is like putting them in the recycle bin.

The second way makes 3 passes overwrite.

The third way makes 7 passes over write, you can never recover that file or folder again after that.

Registry Winner File Shredder

1.5 Patch & update

A useful tool to find updates and patches for your programs.

Registry Winner Patch N Update

2.1 Startup manager

Controls which programs will run when Windows is starting. The fewer programs running when Windows starts, the more quickly it will go “on line” and will be ready for you to start working.

Registry Winner Startup Manager

2.2 Uninstall manager

Like the add/remove option from the control panel, this feature allows you to uninstall programs from your computer.

Note: never just go to a program’s directory and delete the files, it can cause conflicts withing the system.

Registry Winner Uninstall Manager

2.3 System optimizer

This will optimize Windows to the best according to what options you chose.

You can choose optimization parameters by entering to each tab or by pressing the “one click optimize” button and have all the options to choose from in one single window.

Basically, this will enable or disable some services according to your optimization parameters or profile.

Registry Winner System Optimizer
Registry Winner System Optimizer Options

2.4 Service optimizer

A list of all your services will appear. You can choose one of the 6 built in optimization options. Doing so will enable or disable some services according to your chosen optimization profile.

Registry Winner Service Optimizer

2.5 Memory optimizer

This feature will erase data stored in the physical memory. Basically, it will move some data from the physical memory to the virtual memory located on your hard drive. More physical memory available leads to a faster computer.

Registry Winner Memory Optimizer
Registry Winner Deep Memory Optimizer

3.1 Auto backup

The auto backup is an automatic backup done by Registry Winner, basically it is a restore point.

This is very important to have since the future is always blurry.

Registry Winner Auto Backup

3.2 Full backup

This will create an image file of your registry to restore when needed.


3.3 IE favorites

This feature will back up your Internet Explorer favorites file.

Registry Winner IE Favorites

4.1 BHO manager

Basically removing (if you want) some browser’s plug-ins. (the fewer plug-ins you have the faster Internet Explorer will load itself).

This feature is only available for Internet Explorer, we hope that in the future it will affect some other major browsers such as Chrome, FireFox, AND Opera.

Registry Winner BHO Manager

4.2 Internet options

Opens the Internet Explorer properties window, this is just a link to it.


4.3 IE recover

Restores default configuration of Internet Explorer.

Registry Winner IE Recover

4.4 IE problems

Links to common question and their answers about Internet Explorer.

They need to be up to date, but they are not.

Registry Winner IE Problems

4.5 IE favorites

See 3.3. This window is exactly the same, it is there just for organization purposes.


5. Windows

These options, are all links to the built-in options that are already in Windows.

All this features are integrated in Registry Winner and it is nice to have all the options management of the system in one place.

Registry Winner Windows Computer    Registry Winner Windows Security    Registry Winner Windows System

6. Options

Here you can decide if Registry Winner will run when Windows will start,

if the program will repair all errors immediately after scanning,

if it will shut down after repairing,

and if you want to check your updates automatically.

Also, you can change the interface language from here.

Registry Winner General Settings

You can schedule a scan for a specific date or to a specific period of time.

Registry Winner Scheduler

You will find also the ignore list, which present all keys to be ignored during the scan and the fix process.

Registry Winner Ignore List

All these options are here for your comfort, the thought behind them is that the user (you) won’t have to bather with them all the time, everything is done automatically.


7. Help

There is a quick Email to send to the developers if you have anything to say. Also you can find a full Registry winner user guide.

The live chat and the Email buttons links to the same page and serve the same purpose.

Registry Winner Help Menu
Registry Winner Help Window


Download Registry Winner NowRegistry Winner Free ScanRegistry Winner Web Site

Note: If you click for uninstalling before registering, the program will offer you to buy it in 1$ per month (or 12$ a year).

Uninstalling Registry Winner can be done from the start menu (not all programs have this option) or from the control panel via add/remove programs.

The time to uninstall is very quick and the all process is very smooth and easy.

Registry Winner Uninstall Confirmation    Registry Winner Uninstall In Progress    Registry Winner Uninstall Success

Final Results & Conclusions

Download Registry Winner NowRegistry Winner Free ScanRegistry Winner Web Site

Finally, we have come to the results. By using RegBench we were able to show you our final Registry Winner testing results.

HKLM Before
Registry Cleaners HKLM Test  Results Before
HKLM After
Registry Winner HKLM Results
HKCU Before
Registry Cleaners HKCU Test Results Before
HKCU After
Registry Winner HKCU Results
HKCR Before
Registry Cleaner HKCR Test Results Before
HKCR After
Registry Winner HKCR Results
HKCC Before
Registry Cleaner HKCC Test Results Before
HKCC After
Registry Winner HKCC Results
HKU Before
Registry Cleaner HKU Test Results Before
HKU After
Registry Winner HKU Results

As you can see, all 5 hives were tested for accessibility, amount number of keys in each hive, and time to read all the keys in each hive.

Registry Winner’s results are very good, all five hives were improved. You can see that keys were erased from each hive, the access time to each hive was decreased significantly which makes the overall performance of your computer higher.

Boot time is now 1 minute and 38 seconds, which is faster than before.

The total CPU usage when scanning and fixing was 51% and took about 43000kb of our physical memory. It’s within average, and it means you can still work on your computer while Registry Winner is running at the background, this is a very important aspect.

To conclude, Registry Winner is one of the best programs out there, the job was done exactly as it should, our computer is now very healthy, and the feeling is like it was purchased yesterday.

All the special features are adding a lot to Registry Winner’s prestige, and even though some of them are just link to built in feature that are already integrated in Windows, it is still nice to have all of them in one single place.

The program is very easy to use and it looks fantastic.

We warmly recommend you to purchase this program, you will not regret it.

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